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Signing up for our regular advisory services unlocks a host of benefits. 

Proactive Problem-Solving: Identify and address issues before they escalate, saving time and resources. 

Priority Access: Prompt and effective resolution of concerns with priority access to our expert team. 

Customised Solutions: Tailored solutions to meet specific needs and objectives for maximum efficiency. 

Peace of Mind: Comprehensive expertise and advice from aviation subject matter experts ensures safe and consistent airport operations. 

Plane on tarmac Queenstown Airport with baggage trollies in the foreground

Free Introductory Aerodrome Consultation

When was the last time you had an Aviation Expert look at your airport, airfield or aerodrome?  

We can help you and your team to get the information you need to make real choices about your aerodromes.

Unlock the potential of seamless airport management with Lockie Airport Management, boasting over 18 years of expertise in bridging the knowledge gap for airports, airfield and aerodromes. We provide tailored strategic advisory services to address unique challenges, offering comprehensive solutions for safe, secure, and efficient airport operations. Trust us to be your dedicated partner and subject matter experts, committed to achieving positive outcomes for you and your team.

Contact us today to book a time for a 30-minute no obligation consultation online or by phone to assess your needs and to plan next steps. 

Plane outside Hanger at the Bay of Island Aiport

Regular Coaching, Mentoring and Training Services   

We offer a variety of ongoing support and guidance for aerodrome managers.  

Onsite or virtual training covering aerodrome basics and regulatory compliance.  

Basic Airport Supervision for Council Officers and Aerodrome Managers.   

Half day training sessions for staff supervising or managing an aerodrome   

Half Day training covers: CAA compliance obligations; AIP Vol 4 Landing Plate Reviews - what it is, your obligations, how to update; NOTAMS - what they are, when to use, how to issue; Drones - how to quickly evaluate applications and give approvals; Safety Committees, reporting and working with your helicopter operators to ensure safe and low risk outcomes.  

Contact us today to see what we can do to help you and your team. 

Planes in a hanger

Aerodrome Health & Safety Audits

When was the last time your Aerodrome (Heliport, Airport or Airfield) had a Health and Safety Audit? If it was more than a year ago or you can’t remember, then we can help. We provide tailored external audit programs for safety and compliance.

Option 1:

Basic Aerodrome Health and Safety Audit.

LAM Audit Check list to be completed by onsite Airport/Property Manager or the Owner/Council.

After check list has been completed and submitted LAM consultation by phone or online (1 hour) to answer any questions, provide feedback, make suggestions and observations.  

Option 2:

Comprehensive Annual Aerodrome Audit. 

Includes onsite visit to aerodrome and full site inspection of hazards, operational areas, fencing, signage, runway, windsock and safety equipment.

Review of all documents relating to the aerodrome, including landing plate and any other AIP Vol 4 documents, aerodrome Health and Safety plan and terms and conditions, user/operator MOUs, safety committee charter, member list and minutes, promulgation/arability of documents, air traffic movement data for CAA or CASA reporting.

We provide a comprehensive report completed by our Airport Management team.


Contact us today and get your Aerodrome Audit booked in. 

Plane on runway

Independent Advocacy Services 

Do you need a SME - Subject Matter Expert or Independent Third Party Advisor?  

We can examine, review and summarise any documentation you may have created in-house, inherited historically, or received from another source. We'll give an independent opinion if the documents are 'fit for purpose' or even if you'd simply like to better understand something that uses aviation terms you are unfamiliar with. Contact us today with your questions and let's make a plan. 


Do you need help understanding what contractors, experts, pilots, and aerodrome reports are telling you?   

We have the practical hands-on experience to handle any aviation project from start to finish, taking out the guess work and uncertainty.  We look after all the fine print and make sure clients understand in plain English what they need to know to help them make informed decisions. 


Are you prepared for a Crisis or do you need help with Incident Management? 

With extensive experience, we handle incidents ranging from minor concerns to serious accidents, ensuring your airport remains safe, secure, and operational.


Are you submitting regular reports to the Civil Aviation Authorities? Non Certificated Aerodromes must submit reports annually as per CAA rule 139.505. Certificated Aerodromes must submit reports quarterly as per CAA rule 139.76 and 139.411. We can help with these too.

Take the next step

Contact us today to explore our regular service packages and enhance the safety, compliance, resilience, and continuity of your aerodrome operations. Let Lockie Airport Management pave the way for smoother, more efficient airport management, eliminating challenges and promoting operational excellence. 

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