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We are airport management specialists with real hands-on world experience. Our knowledgeable team has an in-depth understanding of aviation earned through years of experience in many different areas of the aviation industry.

We have twenty plus years of Aviation experience

As well as managing airports we also provide regular consultancy services. We have assisted many airports manage a range of growth, development, and health and safety projects helping to make many improvements over this time. This has instilled a passion for helping other airports meet their potential through pragmatic solutions.

We have the knowledge and ability to analyse and interpret aviation regulations and data. We have collaborated effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, regulatory bodies, protesters and industry groups. Using strong communication and organisational skills, as well as the ability to think critically and solve complex problems.

Westpac rescue helicopter at West Auckland Airport 02.jpg


We have experience as pilots, flight instructors flight school owners, and more, with a real passion for aviation. This all gives us further insight into the needs of pilots and aerodromes. 

Simon Lockie standing at an airport beside a plane


Founder and Principal Consultant

Simon Lockie is an airport management specialist with hands-on real world experience. He manages two Airports, is a director of West Auckland Airport, Parakai and is the senior advisor for Lockie Airport Management providing regular consultancy services to airports. Simon has helped many airports manage a range of growth and development projects making many improvements over this time, resulting in many lessons learned. This has instilled a passion for helping other airports meet their potential through pragmatic solutions. Simon is also a pilot and qualified flight instructor who used to own his own flight school with has given him further insight into the needs of pilots and airfields.

Hanna Munro Airport Consultant in an office


Airport Consultant 

Hanna received her Commercial Pilots Licence (Helicopter) in 2010.  She then worked for the NZ Defence Force as a civilian staff member, first as a Customer Support Agent and Content Developer (developing procedures and manuals), before becoming the Seasprite SH-2G(II) Helicopter Flight Simulator Systems Training Operator.

As an Airport Consultant Hanna travels to aerodromes to do annual audits and prepares reports to help ensure compliance with the Aviation Authorities of New Zealand and Australia. Advising on aviation risk management, best practices, policies and procedures using the most up to date aviation regulations.

Pilot walking up steps onto a plane

Aviation Specialists 

Civil Defense, Military, Econimics 

Being well known and well respected in the Aviation Industry means we have many knowledgeable expert contacts that we regularly work with on a variety of aviation projects. We are often the third party making sure aviation projects move along making sure all stakeholders know what is going on and are on the same page. 

Three people walking on tarmac to get on a plane

Behind the Scenes 

 Accounts, Admin, Research 

We have a small but dedicated team who help keep everything moving behind the scenes. From accounts and admin to the extensive research and fact checking that is often required with the preparation and implementation of an Aerodrome Exposition, Safety Management Study (SMS) and Aviation Authority Certifications for CAA and CASSA.

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